LÁMPARAS ESPECIALES was founded in Barcelona in 1959 by José María Sierra Ruiz. Since then, it has maintained a constant growth and a productive and innovative vocation, becoming an unquestionable reference in the lighting sector.

From our origins as a manufacturer of incandescent lamps to the present day as a company dedicated to the commercialisation of a wide range of lighting products, we have always been characterised by our eagerness to offer service and quality to the customer, protected by the ISO 9001 certificate obtained in 1998.

Our company has modern facilities of more than 5000m2 equipped with the most advanced technologies for the quality control of our products, as well as an intelligent warehouse that allows us to give a rapid response to our customers, all managed by a highly professional and experienced team.

LÁMPARAS ESPECIALES markets its products in more than 20 countries, offering an extensive range of lamps and incorporating the latest innovations for lighting.


We pay tribute to the memory of Vicente Sierra Rueda and Doña Francisca Ruiz Monente who taught us to love light.

They met at the beginning of the last century in a lamp factory. They formed a family and taught us the path we should follow.

A tribute that we extend to all the people who have helped to expand this profession, which is to light the world.


In 1959, LAES was founded in a small basement in Calle Julio Verne, 3. in Barcelona.

. Starting with small manual machines, manufacturing Sofito lamps and metallising reflector bulbs.


In 1965 we moved to Calle Zaragoza, 118.

It was then that we replaced the small manual machines used until then with semi-automatic machines for higher production.


In 1971 the company moved to Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona. Here the brand was consolidated with the start of the production of the Globe lamp, which represented a great expansion of the company and the beginning of an international market.


In 1973, at the suggestion of Andrés Linares, a boat owner from Adra (Almeria, Spain), the manufacture of purse seine fishing lamps was started.

Nowadays, this lamp is exported to several Mediterranean countries as well as to the national market.


1983 was a defining year in the company's history, when it moved to Rubí and occupied premises of more than 5,000 m2.

The start-up of new automatic lines for the manufacture of Sofito and Globe lamps enabled a major step forward to be taken, especially in the expansion of the international market.


LÁMPARAS ESPECIALES S.A. began marketing halogen lamps on the Spanish market. The lamps came from Japan, the world leader in halogen lamps at that time.


In 1987, a new fully automatic line for the production of Sofito lamps, designed and built in our own workshops, was commissioned.


In 1988, the raw materials warehouse at LÁMPARAS ESPECIALES S.A. was extended by a total area of 1,500 m2, bringing the total area of the premises to approximately 7,000 m2.


In 1989 the sister company LÁMPARAS HALÓGENAS S.A. was founded and with a small pilot plant started the production of dichroic lamps at LÁMPARAS ESPECIALES S.A. premises.


LÁMPARAS HALÓGENAS S.A. inaugurated its new manufacturing plant in a modern building and started up a centring line for dichroic lamps, one of the fastest in the world, which allowed it to reach an important position in the world market for this type of lamps in a short time.


In 1995, a fully automatic production line of 90 mm diameter reflector lamps was set up for the Spanish market.


In 1995, a line for the production of halogen capsules for mounting in dichroic lamps was also started up.

These lamps, of extraordinary quality, are produced on a fully automatic line and make the LAES dichroic one of the best lamps of the moment.


This was also the year in which LAES built for GENERAL ELECTRIC, a fully automatic high-speed machine for centring dichroic halogen lamps.

Delivery was made on August 8th after an acceptance test supervised by Mr. Rees.


In 1997, the LÁMPARAS HALÓGENAS S.A . building was extended with two new storage buildings, giving a total surface area of 3,700 m2.


In the same year, spacious offices were opened, which allowed us to improve our working environment with a modern and functional image.

A new finished product warehouse was also commissioned.


In 2001 LAES started up a new fully automatic line for the production of 80mm and 95mm diameter Globe lamps.



Laes sponsored Julio Martínez, great rower and absolute master of the well-known descent of the Sella River, Asturias. He was absolute champion in 1998-1999-2000-2001-2002-2003-2004-2005-2006 and 2009.



The European Commission regulation announced the cessation of the manufacture and subsequent marketing of incandescent lamps, with a deadline of 1 September 2009, according to the ErP Directive 244/2009. This was followed by the end of halogen lamps in 2013 and the cessation of manufacture.



The last incandescent bulbs that left our production lines were in 2009 and progressively halogen bulbs ceased to be manufactured until 2013, when our production was completely finished.



Laes stops manufacturing, but the quality control department continues. All the products that are sold, pass the respective control as if they had been manufactured in the company itself, year 2014.



Lámparas especiales moves from the premises at Ctra. de Molins de Rei a Rubí Km 8,2, to the current location at Calle Roma nº20 in the Cova Solera industrial estate.


LAES, "Beyond lamp supply".

At the beginning of 2018, we celebrated our 60th anniversary in the market and our CEO, and son of the founder, Jose Maria Sierra, faithful to the philosophy and prestige of LAES, announced that the evolution of the company was moving from selling products to offering lighting solutions.

Two years testing to find the right product, prescribing our brand and offering our engineering services to be able to say that today, LAES is no longer just a leading company in the sale of light bulbs, but one of the leading companies in lighting solutions.

Since then, our path has been unstoppable, we offer an integral lighting solution (project, luminaires, integration of light in the architecture and control system, programming and commissioning).

The transformation in LAES is already a reality.



On 26 September 2019, José María Sierra Ruiz, founder and soul of the company, passed away.



After overcoming the pandemic and recovering our sales levels, LAES renews its image, renewing its catalogue, website and logo.

Since 2018, with our new strategy, moving from selling products to selling complete lighting solutions, our path has been unstoppable.

The transformation of LAES has become a reality!

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